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This release is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Major feature additions: Added new palettes with a new theme (see below). Added option to select the size of the click area for the grid. Added option to display the mouse pointer on top of the grid. The "Fullscreen" mode now works with the new theme. DNSMASQ: fixed the issue where DNSMASQ didn't register the added options as being custom for some reason. Reboot on exit now works. Reboot timeout now works (this fixes a very annoying issue). Typing now works (as in, the function key now works). Overriding the small fonts via the "High Contrast" option works again. The keyboard lay-out is now fixed. Sylph: added a new theme, 'Ocean'. Upgrading for newer version of Sylph ( If you use the High Contrast option on Sylph, you must do a complete reboot after the upgrade, or it will crash when you go to the "Options" menu, as High Contrast will be turned off. Here are a few screenshots showing the new theme: Since the new settings option displays a similar system dialog, I'm going to add a screenshot of the new settings dialog as well: The new settings dialog for Sylph: New settings options in Sylph: That's all for now. As usual, check out the release notes for more information: New features and updates: New settings dialog for Sylph (v1. New settings option in Sylph for switching between High Contrast and "Normal": "High Contrast" (High Contrast mode on) High Contrast mode on "Normal" (High Contrast mode off) High Contrast mode off Improved usability of the new High Contrast option: High Contrast now uses a new system-wide dialog to setup the various settings. This allows the user to configure the High Contrast mode from within Sylph, without having to go into the settings dialog. High Contrast now works even on system where the "Caps Lock key is not available" (such as on Thinkpads or X61s).




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Skyrim Patch Download Latest
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